Resume Objectives Purpose And Practice

Resume Objectives are a frequently overlooked component of a successful resume. In this modern age of technology it seems we have abandoned certain things about how we present ourselves to prospective employers. Recently I was tasked with placing a job ad on Craigslist to fill a position at our small office. Within a few days I had a virtual stack of about 50 resumes to sort though. One of the first things I noticed was how many of those resumes I had did not include an Objective statement at the top. Have we reached a point in our evolution to where an objective statement is no longer relevant?

I think not! Resume Objectives are the key to your success! When I look at a resume the first thing I do is go to the Objective statement. If an objective statement is omitted then I look for a summery in the same area where the objective statement should be. That is, right at the top of your resume just below your name and contact information. If I can't find either then I am going to be forced to look through your entire resume to see if you match the qualifications that I am looking for. If I have a stack of 100 resumes to go through which can easily be the case at times more than likely I'll be tossing your resume in the dustbin. By omitting your objective you have make it more difficult for me, the reader to ascertain your qualifications. This is the last thing you want to happen when you are attempting to see yourself to a prospective employer.

If you do not currently have an objective statement on your resume I highly suggest you make creating one your #1 priority before submitting your resume to any other prospective employers. Doing so allows someone like me to identify your qualifications in just a glance. I can't tell you how much it makes a difference in the response you will get from your job hunting efforts. Be sure to keep it brief and to the point. If you are unsure what to include in your objective statement browse to google and type "Resume Objective Examples" with the quotes and you will be presented with several links that direct you to more examples than you will know what to do with.

Remember when it comes to Resume Objectives think in terms of how you can present your entire career, skills, and abilities in a single paragraph. The more time and effort you put into that small paragraph the easier it will be for you to be noticed for your shining qualities!

I hope you have found this little rant about Resume Objectives

Until next time good luck!

Derek Todom

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